Bridge City Mentors is an advocacy organization located in beautiful Portland Oregon. Our name pays homage to the many stunning structures framing the skyline for which our wonderful city is known for.

BCM offers several services to brokerage customers including but not limited to; ADL services, Community Inclusion, Mileage, and Respite services. We believe in empowering our clients to achieve their goals of independence through informed choice and thoughtfully guided mentorship. Bridge City Mentors takes great pride in highlighting and encouraging our clients strengths, and using them to build confidence within themselves and the community.

Brokerage customers refer to us as providers, but we at Bridge City Mentors enjoy the term Mentor as we believe this accurately describes the individual relationships we establish with our clients. Our mentors participate in continuing education, CPR and First Aid classes, and attend informational meetings about the variety of diagnosed disabilities that our clients may experience- all to better understand the challenges our clients may face.

Bridge City Mentors also offers a variety of Vocational Rehabilitation services. We are certified to offer job placement services. Interested in learning more? Click on our drop down menu for more information or feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.


You are already doing an amazing job living your own life; we’re just here to provide information, support, and assistance throughout your journey!