Support Services

Support Services have been available to adult Oregonians with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) since 2001. At the start of the decade, five families with adult children with I/DD sued the state for timely services, resulting in the Staley Settlement. Soon thereafter, Support Services Brokerages began opening up throughout the state. This was a revolution in services in our state, radically altering opportunities and lifting the disability community to a new level.

Brokerage Services

The primary job of a Support Service Brokerage is to help an individual plan, arrange, and monitor supports needed to stay at home and participate in their community. Brokerage organizations employ staff (Personal Agents) who help enrolled individuals develop an individual support plan, obtain available resources necessary to implement the plan, select people or organizations to provide specific support services, and monitor and evaluate the outcomes of delivered services.

Mentoring and Advocacy Services

BCM offers a variety of brokerage services where individuals are working one-on-one with a mentor that has been chosen for them based off of their wants and needs. What does this look like? It looks like whatever you’d like it to look like. Hiking, swimming, sporting events, going to the gym, cooking, group activities and trips, camping, arts and crafts, daily living supports, and creating healthy routines and habits.
Your goals of independence here at BCM are very important to us and we look forward to supporting you while you achieve them.